Romantic Romagna

Couples will find romantic Romagna and Rimini one of the best honeymoon places in Italy with its unique honeymoon ideas, peaceful sea oasis and old time charm.

Rimini offers romantic sunsets and sunrises by the sea, romantic cafes for steaming cups of coffee, sandy beaches of the Adriatic Riviera, and breathtaking castles of San Marino.

Rimini is great for couples looking for cheap romantic getaways at a seaside resort with more than 15 kilometers of sandy beaches.

Combining two romantic getaways into one is often less expensive and allows couples to see the stunning Italian scenery without getting tired of one area.

One of the best combination getaways is a getaway to San Marino, along with a trip to the shores of the Adriatic Riviera. A very gorgeous place to get down on one knee.

Many hotels in Rimini and Riccione offer very affordable prices - even in high season.

You'll enjoy romantic dinners for two after a day of sightseeing and visiting all the attractions.

romantic Romagna Italy San Marino Towers among mountains

San Marino hosts a variety of different castles, vineyards, and attractions that couples can enjoy together.

History loving couples will love this ancient place as it's one of the oldest surviving states in the world - established over 1,700 years ago.

Visitors to San Marino can visit three nearby castles - the Gradara (Marche Region), the Verucchio, San Leo and Montebello.

romantic Romagna Rocca di San Leo and mountains

romantic Romagna Verucchio castle Italy

The Malatesta family ruled Rimini from the 13th through 16th centuries and their history is found almost everywhere in romantic Romagna.

romantic Romagna Montebello Castle steps side view Visitors to San Marino will also get to enjoy delicious romantic Romagna cooking.

Similar to typical Italian food in taste, Romagna cooking has certain specialties that are almost never seen outside of the region.

Cakes such as "Torta Tri Monti" (based off of the three towers of San Marino, each of them a local historic landmark) celebrate San Marino's beautiful scenery and culture.

After the hustle and bustle of San Marino's inland, a trip to the beautiful beaches of Rimini will be a welcome change.

Many hotels and spas are specially made for honeymooning couples - and cater to couples who are looking for a romantic getaway.

Many of the lodgings here have packages and add ons especially for couples who are here for a romantic vacation.

romantic Romagna Rimini orange sky sunset reflecting over the water

Imagine watching a spectacular sunset as you walk the beach holding hands as the ocean waves lap along the sandy shore.

Vacationing together in Italy will be a very memorable and unforgettable moment in your lives.

Take time to reconnect with each other as you unwind and enjoy peaceful solitude in Romagna.

May you always love each other as you did on your trip to Europe.

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