Croatia Romantic Lake Destinations

Couples visiting Europe must visit the romantic lake destinations in Croatia. Escape with your sweetheart for romantic honeymoon getaways, weekend escapes or romantic anniversary getaways.

The lakes rival Niagara Falls and Lake Tahoe as romantic spots with their spectacular scenery.

Croatia has eight National Parks.

The Plitvice Lakes are Croatia's most famous. Watch a romantic sunset as you get down on one knee to propose to your love by a waterfall or on a wooden bridge over the blue water.

Couples can explore the dense forests of the Park on foot or by tourist trains or boats all four seasons of the year.

Reader's comments about Croatia’s romantic lake destinations:

romantic lake destinations Plitvice lakes waterfall by turquoise water

"It's the most wonderful place I have ever been to. The waterfalls are amazing. It's beautiful during summer, fall, winter and spring".

"This is the place to come if you are a nature and water lover. There's water everywhere - dropping, flowing, falling clear water. The lakes are a beautiful turquoise. It's peaceful with kilometres of trails and boardwalks".

"The water was so clear. We were there a week (in Croatia) for our vacation, my parents moved there a little while ago. We were glad to see the lakes. It is breathtaking".

"There's a lot to say about Plitvice lakes, it really looks like paradise on earth. It's great and worth visiting in all seasons. If you love photography you can’t go wrong, prepare yourself for endless hours of pictures".

Visit >Plitvice Lakes travel forum and ask questions before you arrive.

How to get to Plitvice Lakes

From Zagreb follow directions to Karlovac, Slunj, Gracac, Zadar, 80 km from Karlovac.

Find romantic hotel discounts and the best places to eat here.

PBS had a documentary on Croatia’s romantic lake destinations and Plitvice Lakes National Park.

There's some amazing footage of the bears and wolves of Plitvice as well as the kind of stunning aerial shots you won't see elsewhere.

Krka National Park

One of the most fascinating romantic lake destinations is nearby Krka River National Park.

This 142 square kilometer park gives you glimpses of the Krka river, the Dinaric mountains and the majestic blue Adriatic sea near Sibenik town.

The river has eight sets of rapids. The park has two falls – Skradinski buk and Roski slap. Roski slap is magnificent!

After visiting cascading waterfalls, couples will enjoy the tranquility of the small island of Visovac.

It's a very peaceful and serene place to see. There's lots more >things to do in Croatia!

Enjoy your romantic European vacation with the tranquility of the lakes in Croatia.

May your love last forever.

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