Romantic Korcula

Dubrovnik has a twin called romantic Korcula Croatia (Little Dubrovnik). This small romantic town is on the same name island and offers the same medieval charm that Dubrovnik has.
There's narrow streets, old stairways, old churches, mighty walls, romantic small restaurants and red roofs.

It’s also Marco Polo's birthplace, and couples can visit his house.

The most beautiful building is the Cathedral of St. Marco.

You can also visit the Bishop's Palace with its Abbatial Treasury of St. Marco, collection of Croatian and Italian Renaissance artists, manuscripts, books and ceremonial clothes.

See the small church of St. Peter, the oldest preserved church from the 11th century, and Crkva Gospojina (Church of Our Lady) on the western side of the square. Built in 1483, it's a major Renaissance construction.

romantic Korcula town buildings, water, mountains and trees

The Town Museum is in the palace Gabrielis, one of Korcula's most beautiful romantic palaces in 16th century Renaissance style. You can also see palaces Arneri and Ismaelis, and old city walls and towers that protected the town against invaders in 1571.

romantic Korcula Moresca sword dance

Romantic Korcula is known for Moreska, a traditional sword dance and drama common in the Mediterranean in the 12th and 13th centuries. It came to Korcula in the 16th century from Italy and Dubrovnik and is performed most summer evenings.

romantic Korcula stone stairway beside green bushes The Korcula hotels page has hotels ranked by popularity.

Find lots of things to do in Korcula together.

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The Korcula travel forum lets couples learn about the city before they visit.

Romantic Korcula island lets couples escape for cheap romantic weekend getaways. It's only 30 miles long and 5 miles wide.

Walk old Korcula town, watch magnificent sunsets and enjoy hills and valleys of the interior with almost 200 unspoiled coves and beaches for swimming and underwater diving. Couples can also go windsurfing and sailing.

Where can you eat?

Korcula has many places to eat.

There's also Konoba Adio Mare located next to Marco Polo's house with its vaulted ceilings and grilled meals as you watch. Couples can enjoy the long wooden tables and benches as they dine. It's very popular and long waits are normal.

Restaurant Kanavelic is in the old town by Hotel Korcula, off the island’s western pier in the Renaissance walls of Kanavelic Palace's garden. Couples can savor fresh fish and sea food dinners together.

Enjoy a romantic vacation getaway to the city of Korcula in the country of Croatia. May love always be with you!

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