Northern Italy Romantic Getaways

Romantic getaways, honeymoon vacations and romantic wedding destinations are what the northern Italy region of Europe has to offer to couples.

Cities like Venice, Florence, Rome, and Verona are known as being romantic cities and romantic travel spots.

But the cities in northern Italy offer many more places for romance; some not as well known but with beautiful countryside, sparkling lakes and gorgeous sunrises.

Hailed as a top romantic vacation spot, this area has thousands of islands and is called Europe's undiscovered country. Imagine your wedding on an island or whisking your soulmate off for a romantic proposal.

Come visit and feast your eyes on deep-blue warm seas, beautiful islands, Roman ruins, and medieval towns that whisk you away to ancient times.

romantic getaways green waters of Loreto Island with green trees and off white colored buildings

Traveling by car, train and on foot throughout northern Italy, I have found places with spectacular scenery fit for a romantic vacation or anniversary getaway.

When you arrive in northern Italy, you'll find many areas to visit with your love including Vigevano and Pavia province and town.

Couples who love to shop will fall in love with Milan, the capital of Lombardy. But that's not all the city has to offer, there's more romance lurking in the city.

Head to romantic Bergamo Italy and take a tour of the town. Visit Cremona for magical sun filled skies and Monza for romantic serenity. Visit Bienno for ancient historical charm and Mantua.

Lakes in Italy

What's more romantic than the sun sparkling across crystal blue lakes as you sit by the water enjoying a romantic picnic together at Lake Maggiore, Garda Lake and Lake Endine?

And your trip won't be complete without a visit to the quaint little towns on the other side of the river Po, especially the medieval castle villages.

Visit Italy for a memorable moment in time that will last for years and years. Enjoy Europe and its charm.

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