Romantic Dubrovnik

Couples can discover gorgeous and romantic Dubrovnik on a romantic honeymoon or wedding getaway to Europe.
This is a popular romantic travel destination town, full of museums, festivals and restaurants with a nice climate and spectacular landscapes.

Dubrovnik is a pure, peaceful and beautiful place.

Escape for a surprise romantic vacation and ask your soulmate to marry you in this romantic, historic city.

This city is stunning, whole and perfect. Stroll the city hand in hand and view the orange colored roof tiles on the houses and landscapes.

Dubrovnik is a city alive with ancient history and proudly displays Renaissance splendor.

romantic dubrovnik bay blue water green trees

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Select cheap Dubrovnik vacation packages and hotels in Dubrovnik Croatia for great vacation savings. And the Dubrovnik travel forum lets you get acquainted with the city before you visit.

Inside Dubrovnik, couples can visit Old Town, a glistening city alive with lots of people. Dubrovnik attractions are located here.

Visit the Dubrovnik cathedral, historic churches, shopping areas, restaurants, magnificent sculptures, art galleries, stately water fountains, gorgeous gardens, and ancient walls and towers. 

The old city offers couples romance at its finest. Enjoy getting to know each other all over again as you visit this Croatian city together on your anniversary or your sweetie's birthday.

The Summer Festival, an important part of romantic Dubrovnik tradition, has been held annually for 55 years between July 10th and August 25th. Couples can enjoy music, theater and folklore events.

Enjoy your romantic getaway to Dubrovnik Croatia as you celebrate your love and relationship.

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