Vigevano's Palio

Couples who love ancient medieval history will want to visit Vigevano's Palio, a romantic town in the Province of Pavia.

Palio delle Contrade are medieval games held here every year in May and October.

Plan your wedding vacations during those two months for an unforgettable "I do" day.

Picture yourself in your medieval wedding dress getting married to your soulmate.

This town certainly offers unique wedding ideas for couples who love ancient romantic days gone by.

Vigevano is only 25 miles from Milan. Get married here, hold your reception, then head to Milan for the start of your married life together.

Find Vigevano hotel deals if you want to stay overnight here.

The second Sunday of October offers a medieval parade honoring blessed Matteo Carreri, Vigevano's patron. The parade focuses on Sforza Court and takes place in the Castle yard.

There are twelve districts (Contrade) involved that coincide with each of the town’s parishes. These romantic games are a magic historical commemoration of the past.

Palio Bramante tower with a blue sky

Vigevano offers great Italian Renaissance and boasts the artistic talents of Donato Bramante and Leonardo da Vinci.

Vigevano was the historical shoe district and is still the most important Italy town for shoe making.

Vigevano is a town for couples who love culture. With its artistic areas and period architecture, it makes for a lively day trip.

Lomellina is the city center. Rice lovers will like it here as that is the main staple grown here. Find Vigevano restaurants for local cuisine dishes.

Palio Piazza Ducale

The main attraction is the Piazza Ducale. Other attractions you'll want to see are:

  • The Bramante Tower - sits atop the town’s highest point with a great view of the town.
  • Castello Sforzesco - built in the 15th century.
  • St. Abrrogio Cathedral - erected in the 17th century.
  • Sforza Castle - a rural castle from the 1300's with touches from Bramante and Da Vinci.
  • The Falconiera - by Bramante is an open gallery with 48 columns.
  • The buildings in this town are stunning giving it a romantic cultural atmosphere not evidenced in other parts of Italy.

    Couples who want a memorable engagement place or wedding location will not be disappointed with the uniqueness that this town offers.

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