Monza Italy

Monza Italy offers couples lots more things to see and do besides the Formula 1.

The town harbors charm and elegance and is very close to Milan. It's one of the romantic wedding destinations in Lombardy.

Couples can get to Monza by train from Milan’s Porta Garibaldi station.

The round trip is fairly inexpensive and takes about 20 minutes to get to Monza's FS central station.

There are two additional stops enroute to this town; get off and explore other Italian cities along the way.

Once you get to Porta Garibaldi, follow the signs to suburban Rail Lines – S; the connections will take you to Monza.

  • S7 Milano - Monza - Besana - Lecco
  • S8 Milano P.Garibaldi - Carnate - Lecco
  • S11 Milano P.Garibaldi - Como – Chiasso

Monza Italy Duomo di San Giovanni Battista with a blue sky

Places to stay

Monza offers hotel deals for your romantic trip.

Check for combined hotel and air packages for your getaway.

These four hotels offer couples romantic couple escapes while in Europe:

  • AS Hotel Monza

  • Things to see here:


    • The Cathedral (Duomo di Monza) goes back to medieval times with stunning Gothic architecture.
    • The historical center with the church of Santa Maria in Strada with its rich terra-cotta facade, and the 14th century Broletto or Arengario palace.
    • Two of Monza’s sights you'll want to see on your romantic vacation are Monza Park with Villa Reale and the Autodrome F1.

      Monza Italy Villa Reale green grass and red flowers

      Monza Park is an old park double the size of New York's Central Park. You can rent a bike to see it or take a train ride. Formula 1 fans will want to see the Autodrome.

      Villa Reale Monza (Royal Palace) offers tours of the grounds. History buffs will enjoy seeing this complex built originally for Savoia's royals.

      Monza Italy Monza Park green grass and green trees

      Find Monza Italy restaurants between sightseeing and relax together going over your day.

      Try some local Italian dishes and cuisine. You might discover your new favorite restaurant together!

      European vacations offer couples the local history, charm, and flavors of the country. Savor your romantic getaway with pictures, love and fond memories as the years pass by.

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