Bienno - Romantic Medieval Times

Run off with your love for romantic medieval times in northern Italy and Bienno. Ancient ambience pervades every ounce of this town.

Bienno is a small medieval town located in Brescia, about 23 miles from Songavazzo.

The area is known for its iron products.

Couples can enjoy Bienno's traditional medieval festival that brings back the spirit of the medieval period.

It's held during the last week of August for seven days.

The town is transformed to the look and culture from the middle ages.

Guys, what better way to propose than dressed in period costumes as you enjoy the festival together. Maybe you can find the perfect antique ring to fit the occasion.

medieval times Bienno Italy mill entrance

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Thousands of torches will guide you in discovering the secret angles of this medieval town as they dip into a medieval dimension and lull you away from the present time.

Enjoy holding hands and all the events that include renaissance shows, music, period dances, acrobatic shows, jugglers and flag-waving parades. You'll believe that the medieval times have returned and never left.

medieval times water

Bienno’s attractions you don't want to miss include:

  • The famous flour mill that's still working. See how the force of water moves the heavy stone grinders and transforms the grains and maize into soft flour that makes polenta.
  • Local blacksmiths who demonstrate their ability to forge iron as their medieval blacksmith ancestors did for centuries. This is a pretty popular area during the seven days of the festival.

medieval times two blacksmiths and iron

Bienno offers beautiful churches, quaint streets, and iron gates.

The restaurants and places to eat offer you the chance to try local food specialties.

There's a nice selection on virtually every corner of the town.

Try the local polenta mixed with various type of cheeses or the famous cansonsei (ravioli stuffed with egg, cheese and vegetables).

You might have a new favorite Italian dish to make when you get home!

This medieval times town should definitely be a stop on your romantic vacation to Northern Italy.

The charm and history offer moments of romance and memories to last a lifetime. May your love blossom as you travel life together.

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