Dubrovnik Medieval Fair

Couples visiting Croatia over the summer should visit the Dubrovnik medieval fair in Old Town.

It's a blast from the past as renaissance music, sights and sounds fill the Old Town streets as you go back to the medieval time period.

This historical fair is organized by young native people with an eye on the past days of Dubrovnik.

It's a popular event over the summer and couples will find it a unique thing to do on their romantic vacation.

medieval fair costumed street parade with red costumes, black and gold costumes, silver and red drums and gold and red drums and drumsticks

If you and your sweetie like to visit imaginary worlds from time to time, you'll love this fair and the city of Dubrovnik.

Hold hands as you stroll down ancient Stradun street. Visit the squares of Old Town and see medieval Renaissance dances, jugglers who make you laugh, and singers performing beautiful renaissance music in a medieval knight costume.

This unique event lasts for eight days at the beginning of July every year.

In every corner of the Old Town, you'll discover scenes from Dubrovnik's ancient past performed by artists from around the world plus Dubrovnik Ragvsevm Renaissance Association members.

When you and your soulmate enter inside the old town walls, you're welcomed by a young couple dressed in renaissance costumes with medieval hair styles.

Get your picture taken with them. They'll have a hand-made parchment with old geographical maps to hand out to you.

Other romantic events in Dubrovnik include the famous Dubrovnik Summer Festival held each year in August, and the Dubrovnik Carnival held every February which dates back to the 14th century.

Enjoy romantic Dubrovnik and its ancient days gone by as you visit the fair together on your romantic getaway.

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