Lake Endine

Escape for a peaceful romantic getaway to Lake Endine located in the Bergamo, Lombardy Italy area.

This beautiful lake is only a few miles from Lake Iseo.

It's one of the lesser known lakes in Lombardy - which makes it a perfect romantic travel spot for couples seeking solitude.

Couples visiting northern Italy on their wedding, vacation or honeymoon will find this small blue water lake in the beautiful Cavallina Valley in the province of Bergamo.

It’s a quiet, relaxing place excellent for couples who love outdoor fun including water sports (sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and boat racing).

Couples who love winter activities can ice fish here when the lake freezes over.

The lake can only be navigated by row boat, canoe or pedal boat, which can be rented.

The lakeside villages are full of medieval castles and little churches richly decorated with works of art ready to be explored.

Lake Endine Bergamo Lombardy Italy blue water and mountains

The area definitely makes for romantic proposals. Imagine getting down on one knee by a castle. How memorable and romantic!

Monasterolo is one of the many picturesque villages on the lake. See the middle age castle with a unique garden. It's one of the hidden gems of Italy.

You should also check out the small village of Bianzano, only 2 miles from the main road.

You'll see an original, square-structured medieval castle, situated at the beginning of the village, that was saved from the demolitions around the year 1400.

The Church dell’Assunta offers a stately wooden altar. It sits on the valley top and offers a gorgeous view of the surrounding area. Another romantic proposal spot guys!

You can see the lake view. How about bringing a picnic lunch and staying to see the sun set after your relaxing romantic picnic?

Italy isn't all about city lights and a frantic pace. Some areas in the northern part of the country offer laid back ways and a chance for couples to relax and unwind on their romantic vacation.

Enjoy some down time by a peaceful lake as you fall in love all over again.

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