Honeymoon In Italy

Head to Europe and honeymoon in Italy. The area offers romantic Italy honeymoons, romantic honeymoon getaways and romantic wedding locations.

Italy is among the top honeymoon destinations in Europe.

Many couples consider Italy to be very romantic and elopements here are popular.

Rome is considered a popular honeymoon destination with its small, romantic luxury hotels, but there are so many places in Italy that seem made for romantic vacations.

Couples will find our five destination honeymoon suggestions offer a variety of locations and Italian areas to suit each couple's tastes.

Escape for a romantic wedding vacation and alone time in:

  • Tuscany
  • Italian lakes
  • Cinque Terre
  • Venice
  • Amalfi Coast

honeymoon in Italy green grass and green cypress trees in Tuscany

These areas may be popular, but there's a reason vacationers and honeymooners love these towns in Italy. It's called "romance"!

Romantic Tuscany

This centrally located Italian region is an extremely popular honeymoon destination. Its balance between nature and art makes it very popular for returning vacationers year after year.

You'll love the hill towns, cypress trees, farmhouses, food and small romantic restaurants.

Find places to stay in these regions in Tuscany:

  • Pisa hotel deals

Take day side trips to peaceful towns like San Gimignano, Lucca, Montalcino, and Pienza. You can rent a car or go by bus or train.

If you want a more uncrowded experience, honeymoon in April, May, June, September or early October in the peaceful hill towns.

honeymoon in Italy Piazza della Cisterna San Gimignano with walk and buildings

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre (Five Lands) is called the "Italian Riviera" due to its beauty.

Couples will love this striking coastal town on your honeymoon in Italy with its cliff-side house villages along the Ligurian sea coast.

You'll want to visit its villages of Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Menarola and Riomaggiore.

Here are suggestions for places to stay in the area:

  • Cinque Terre hotels
  • Portovenere hotels

Cinque Terre can be considered a budget travel destination for your honeymoon in Italy while Amalfi coast is for luxury travel.

If you want to do a romantic honeymoon cruise, you'll visit a gem of the Cinque Terre coast, Portofino, truly a luxury vacation area.

If you visit the Italian Riviera, nearby towns like Santa Margherita Ligure, Portavenere and Rapallo should be considered as a seaside place for your Italian honeymoon.

Italian Lakes

There are three lakes you'll want to see on your honeymoon in Italy. One is Lake Como with its stunning lake and quaint villages.

Lake Como is a most romantic destination to visit.

Find Lake Como lodgings to stay at on your honeymoon.

The second lake, Lake Maggiore, is less known but still beautiful and romantic. Honeymooners wanting more quiet time will love it here in one of theLake Maggiore hotels.

Lake Iseo is also not as crowded as Lake Como. It's more quiet and less expensive but still affords romance and privacy for the newlyweds.


Many couples would choose Venice as the perfect wedding or honeymoon destination. Elopement ideas abound here.

honeymoon in Italy Bridge of Sighs with water, boat and walkway with people

If you ever want to wow your beloved with a destination that will make her melt, Venice is the best place for your honeymoon in Italy.

Who hasn't heard of this romantic city with gondolas, romantic canals and promenade musicians that serenade you as you pass by?

Venice is one of those places you have to visit.

Find hotels in these areas to make your married life together sparkle:

What can be more romantic than gondola rides winding through the labyrinth of canals, passing under many romantic bridges like the Bridge of Sighs?

Walk hand in hand through small narrow streets to St. Mark’s Square, listening to the sounds of the bells at Campanile.

Imagine a candlelight dinner at one of the many romantic restaurants then nesting in one of the romantic hotels like Hotel des Bains, Venice Lido or Locanda Cipriani, a romantic hideaway on the island of Torcello, Venice.

Amalfi Coast

Wonderful and beautiful - a great romantic getaway escape. Imagine watching the sun set and rise every day with your new spouse.

Choose your region and find the perfect hotel for your memorable honeymoon:

  • Capri Island Hotels

As you can see, Italy offers lots of romantic honeymoon destinations for couples.

We hope one of these areas will afford you alone time with your new husband or wife to get to know each other and start your married life.

May you always be as happy as the years pass by as you were on the day you got married and honeymooned in Europe.

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