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Couples headed to a romantic vacation in the Lombardy, Italy region will find our Cremona travel guide helpful in finding romantic hotels, restaurants and attractions.

Northern Italy offers the charm, romance and ambience not found in other parts of Europe.

Run off for cheap romantic weekend getaways or romantic wedding locations that offer a lifetime of memories.

Getting to Cremona, Italy
Take the train connection from Milan’s main railway station.

It takes about one hour to reach Cremona’s railway station.

If you buy your train ticket at the main train station, tell the attendant you want a ticket to Cremona.

Also, trains leaving for Mantova have Cremona as one of their stops on that route.

cremona travel guide torrazzo with a blue sky and white clouds behind

You can also rent a car and take highway A1 to Bologna.

When you reach Piacenza follow the signs to Cremona. Cremona attractions

Most of Cremona's top tourist attractions are located in one central area.

Once you leave the main railway station, it's very easy to reach the center area of Cremona.

You can pick up a Cremona map at Cremona’s tourist office on Piazza del Comune.

Cremona's town center is a pretty scene and is an easy area to walk around holding hands.

Cremona travel guide - top sights!
Put these attractions and things to do on your list when you arrive in the city.

  • Torrazzo is one of the most interesting of all the Cremona sights. This tower has more than 500 steps. Once you reach the top, it's a great romantic spot to propose. The views are gorgeous and offer a view of the whole town. Don't miss the large clock!

    cremona travel guide torrazzo with surrounding buildings, green trees, green grass and a light blue sky with white clouds

  • Cathedral with Baptistery - This Duomo dominates the Piazza del Comune.
  • Palazzo Comunale is the town hall and holds a string instrument collection.
  • Loggia dei Militi is a great example of Gothic architecture.
  • Museum Ala Ponzone-Stradivariano is in Via Ugolani Dati and offers the private collection of Marquis Sigismondo Ala Ponzone.
  • Fondazione Stradivari - Cremona "La Triennale" - located in Palazzo Pallavicino Ariguzzi, via Colletta, 5.

Cremona travel guide - Cremona's gastronomy!

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Cremona is a rich, rural area famous for its dairy and pork products. Here are some of the Cremona travel guide specialties:

  • Salami Cremona - lightly flavored with garlic.
  • Cotechino and "Salame da pentola" - a boiled version of salami.
  • Grana Padano DOP - hard well seasoned cheese.
  • Mostarda di Cremona - made of candied fruit preserved in a spicy mustard syrup and accompanies boiled meat.
  • Marubini - meat raviolis in broth made from three different meats, beef, chicken, and veal.
  • Torrone (nougat)

Some of Cremona's favorite food dishes include tortelli alla zucca, boiled meat with mostarda of Cremona, mousse of Torrone, and coffee. Find places to eat on your romantic vacation.

Cremona travel guide - Find >great hotel deals in Cremona.

Hotel Impero is a 4-star hotel in the town center, about 50 meters from the Cathedral.

Hotel Astoria is a more economical 3-star hotel also near Piazza del Comune. Other hotels to check out include:


Enjoy your romantic vacation getaway to the Lombardy region of Europe. May you always remember your magical time in the romantic countryside.

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