Clusone Italy

The city of Clusone Italy has romantic appeal for couples who love an artsy and historically cultural town.

The city offers lots of sunshine and is close to Bergamo, the capital of the province, and Songavazzo.

Couples will love the Serriana Valley, its beauty, landscapes and panoramic views.

It's really a beautiful town!

The small town atmosphere makes it a very romantic place to see with your sweetheart.

Walk arm in arm and marvel at the sophistication, organization and cleanness of the town.

Stop in one of the quaint shops and get a momento of your romantic trip.

by stone portals, courtyards, and cascading water fountains in this city of art.

Clusone clock with black roman numerals on a cream colored circle As you stroll the streets, you'll pass the Basilica of Saint Assumed Maria, a beautiful city landmark.

Take in the facade frescoes on this and other palaces and religious buildings.

Check out the citywide monuments including the "Planetary Clock Fanzago" which tells time counter clockwise, and the City Hall Palace with its grandiose frescoes.

Both of these sights make for extraordinary romantic wedding proposals. You'll both remember the exact spot years down the road.

The city is also a special place for celebrating birthdays and your wedding anniversary.

Couples going to Italy for wedding vacations can hold a small destination wedding reception here, then continue their tour of the country.

Clusone planetary clock

This art city has lots of intriguing landmarks that make for unique and special proposals. Take your soulmate to an artist's paradise to get down on one knee.

If you love festivities, you'll want to visit the Art Festival in April, the July Jazz Festival, February's Carnival, March's Choral Music Festival, October's Festival of Contemporary Theater, and August's City Fiesta.

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