Christmas in Italy

Christmas in Italy makes for a very special and memorable romantic getaway in this romantic country.

If you don't mind the cold and perhaps snow, Christmas eve in Italy offers very romantic things to do to spend time together.

Italy’s winter highlights are the Christmas season, New Year's and Carnival (Carnevale) season.

Visit at this time, and you'll learn more about the Christmas traditions in Italy.

Italian Christmas traditions are full of history, charm and the traditions that make a European Christmas a very unique holiday experience for couples.

If you don't like snow, you'll want to travel to the coasts of Sardinia where the climate is mild. Sicily and the southern regions in Italy also have a more mild climate.

Snow lovers should head inland - especially to northern Italy's mountains. But be aware that December is also a rainy month, along with November.

Christmas in Italy nativity scene with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, sheep

Umbria can have foggy days and some snow spray.

But planning your visit to Italy in the winter from December to April offers some advantages.

Airfare and lodging prices are usually lower this time of year. You can ski and visit indoor theater performances in Milan and Venice.

It won't be as crowded which makes it perfect for getaways, wedding vacations and honeymoons. Italy is simply magical this time of year.

And, you'll get to see the cities decorated and the Christmas trees in Italy alit and sparkling with their lights. A very romantic proposal spot - by a tree!

Italian national holidays in December and January are Christmas, New Year's Day and Epiphany (January 6).

In Milan, Saint Ambrogio Day is celebrated December 7. He's the patron saint of Milan, and his day is celebrated with food and Christmas items by the metro station Sant’Ambrogio.

This is one of the Italy Christmas traditions couples should plan to see.

Christmas in Italy tree with white lights by a church and statue in Milan

Tuscany offers feast celebrations in Lucignano (Arezzo). The feast is a very important Christmas tradition along with the celebration of Festa di Ceppo or Festival of the Log.

This festival begins on Christmas Eve, when a huge log is set on fire, cut from the biggest tree they can find. Another place to see if you vacation in Tuscany.

Rome offers midnight Mass on Christmas Eve in St. Peter's Square.

No matter what your religious beliefs are, midnight Mass is a very overwhelming and inspiring experience to share together.

During Christmas in Italy beside celebrations and feasts there are many activities couples will enjoy.

Trentino and Alto Adige in the towns of Trento and Bolzano are must sees.

So are Campo Santo Stefano in Venice, Trieste (Fiera si San Nicolo), and the Verona market (2nd weekend of December).

Also stop by the Naples market and take in a nativity workshop. In Rome, see the big Christmas market, Piazza Navona. There's also the Sorrento market and the Milan markets.

Christmas in Italy tree in Florence

You'll get in the holiday spirit being out among the people in the markets and can shop for romantic gifts for your love.

Food and Christmas in Italy

Italy Christmas traditions definitely involve food! You'll have lots of food to try especially meatless dishes!

Italian New Year's celebrations include pork sausage with lentils served before midnight. Tradition says that eating coin shaped lentils with pork sausage brings prosperity!

Feast of the Epiphany and La Befana

The Feast of the Epiphany is a huge Italian Christmas celebration.

One of the most beloved traditions in Christmas in Italy is the figure of La Befana, who is effectively the female equivalent of Santa. It is customary for children to put out their shoes on January 6th to receive candies.

Christmas in Italy is one of the biggest holidays of the year.

Couples who want to escape for a romantic getaway should consider Italy at Christmas time. The holidays are always so special with the one you love, and being here will heighten that experience ten fold.

Merry Christmas in Italy or Buon Natale!

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