Bellagio Italy

The little village of Bellagio Italy on Lake Como offers couples romantic getaway ideas, romantic wedding locations and romantic atmosphere to celebrate your anniversary.

Romantic proposal spots and picnics abound around the water.

Watch a sunset as you ask her to marry you.

Couples looking for peaceful and romantic alone time together will find the lake area a great getaway spot.

Feel at one with nature and the serenity of the area.

Sightsee and marvel at the great architectural creations in the town.

Bellagio is one of the most romantic spots on an Italian lake. It's definitely worth checking out on your vacation.

Bellagio Italy view from the ferry of buildings, water and blue sky

Bellagio Italy Hotels

Here are some hotels to check out for your romantic getaway. Don't forget to inquire about romantic packages!

The town's striking with its lakeside promenade and gentle green hill falls. You'll see why it's called the "pearl of the Lake".

After a fun day at the lake, dine at one of the Bellagio restaurants and find more things to do.

But what really distinguishes this lake resort from other Lake Como villages is the large number of small shops that sell locally made items made of wood or Como silk.

Enjoy shopping for luxury clothing, accessories, luggage, watches and jewelry. Pick a momento to take home with you to remember your getaway!

These small shops are perfectly located between the old town streets and lake front promenade. You have all you need in one place.

Once you get off at the Bellagio ferry pier, the first thing you will notice is a long lakeside promenade with arcade restaurants and small bars.

Bellagio Italy buildings and shops

Behind them is a series of steep, narrow, cobblestone pathways that guide you to the upper old historic center dominated by the Basilica of San Giacomo.

This romantic Lake Como resort is bordered by two famous villas.

The first one is Villa Serbelloni (a luxury hotel) and the second one is Villa Melzi, on the other side of Bellagio (privately owned).

When you first get here, pick up your free copy of the “Bellagio Dove” brochure at the tourist's office.

It's a handy guide to have with you on your vacation. It'll give you information on lodgings, restaurants and events happening around the Lake.

Enjoy your peaceful, relaxing and romantic vacation getaway to the lake area of Italy.

May it live on in your hearts forever as the years pass by and you grow more and more in love.

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