Milan Romantic Restaurants

While on your Italy romantic escape, you'll want to try some of the Milan romantic restaurants.

The flavors of the Lombardy region are sometimes quite unique from other European regions.

While pasta is an important Italy staple, there are many other dishes you'll want to try while you are there.

You'll find a lot of the places to eat in the center of Milan, and other restaurants are scattered throughout almost all of the city’s neighborhoods.

Savor the ancient flavor sprinkled with charm, quaintness and a little bit of history from Milan's golden days.

Enjoy lunch together dining outside as you watch the world pass by your eyes.

If you're in Italy for birthday, wedding or anniversary celebrations, inquire about reserving a section of the restaurant for your celebration.

For romantic vacationers, ask for a table for two in a corner near a fireplace or by candlelight.

The best romantic restaurants in Milan have historical remnants passed down from generations. You'll love the personal touch that the eateries in Italy ooze.

Milan romantic restaurants Al Mercante near Piazza Duomo in Italy

Check out the furnishings in the restaurants you eat at. Some are the originals that make the history of the restaurant quite unique.

Take your sweetheart to one of the following restaurants awarded the "Restaurants of Historical Memory" for a little extra romantic flavor on your getaway.

Santa Lucia

Ristorante Da Berti

La Torre di Pisa

>Al Mercante

This recognition is awarded to romantic restaurants that, for at least 50 years, have the special historical, architectural and urban features of conservancy.

Enjoy your romantic European vacation and a romantic dinner for two.

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