Visiting Italy The First Time

When visiting Italy the first time, couples will want to find things to do and places to see for a romantic vacation together.

Different regions in the country offer different romantic ideas and attitudes.

And, depending why you are here - for wedding vacations, romantic honeymoon destinations or a weekend romantic getaway - you'll want to see or do different things.

What makes Italy special is its diversity. Each region has something special and unique.

Italy is the best romantic destination in Europe, and you'll find some regions more irresistible and romantic than others.

There are some Italy travel tips that are generally appropriate for the whole country, but we'll give you suggestions for romantic Italy itineraries to specific cities to help first time visitors.

Before You Leave For Italy

Even if you are spur of the moment travelers, there are some things you have to know and take care of before you leave home.

Like the places you'll be visiting and the places you'll stay at.

  • Italian Trains.

  • Italy The First Time Itineraries

    Definitely visit Rome and spend 3-4 days if you can. While in Rome, you'll have lots of activities to choose from.

    Then head to Florence for 2 days, taking the high speed train (Red arrow) from Rome to Florence (1 hour and 35 minutes).

    Italy the first time yellow sun setting over the Venice lagoon with orange water and a red and orange sky

    During your stay in Florence, pick up one of the activities there. Or, you can rent a car in Florence, stay a week at a villa or farmhouse in Tuscany and visit Florence from there.

    Then visit Venice for 2 to 3 days. Rent a car, drive from Florence to Venice (4 hours) and drop off the car.

    While in Venice, you'll find lots of activities to do together.

    This will help you find out about hotels in Venice for your romantic stay.

    Then take a high-speed train to Sorrento (6 + 1 hours - change to the local train in Naples) Amalfi Coast and Capri for 3 days and stay an extra night in Venice. Then take the high-speed train to Rome and stay overnight in Rome.

    On your last day in Italy, you can take a taxi or private transfer to the airport. We hope you have a memorable vacation in Italy.

    Italy The First Time - Flying into and out of Milan.

    Upon arrival take the high-speed train (White arrow) to Venice (2 hours and 23 minutes).

    Venice - 2 days

    From Venice take the high-speed train to Rome (4 hours).

    For couples who are visiting Rome for a 3 day weekend, from Rome you can visit Naples, Pompeii and Amalfi then head back to Rome for your departure.

    Or, from Rome you can take the high-speed train to Florence, rent a car and head to Tuscany to stay at a villa.

    From Florence you can drive to Milan (3 hours) taking the A1 highway and stay overnight in Milan.

    The next day, you can drop off your car at the airport (or drop it off downtown the day before and take a taxi or private transfer to the airport).

    We hope you have a magical romantic getaway to Europe. One that lives on in your hearts and souls as you journey through life together.

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