Dubrovnik Romantic Secrets

Dubrovnik romantic secrets lets couples explore places to visit and events to enjoy which aren't in the usual tourist guides.
If you're going to Croatia on a romantic getaway and would like to visit attractions that go a little beyond the usual tourist tracks, there's a few places you should visit.

Zaton Veliki and Mali are twenty kilometers west of Dubrovnik and make for a nice day trip for couples.

Zaton is divided into Mali (Small) and Veliki (Great) Zaton. When you're wondering what to see in Dubrovnik, stop by Zaton.

It's 20 minutes by bus to get from Dubrovnik to Zaton, where you'll find natural peace and beauty. The word "zaton" means bay or cove; it's well protected from winds coming from the open sea. In Zaton bay you can see the villas of Dubrovnik aristocrats - old stone houses.

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If you're searching for easy, laid back and relaxing vacations in a peaceful Mediterranean coastal location, you'll love Zaton. Find your private romantic accommodation in Zaton.

Dubrovnik romantic secrets - Cilipi village
It's a small village 22 km from Dubrovnik in the Konavle region near the Dubrovnik Airport. It's well known for folklore events held during summer months at the village church. Enjoy Konavle national costumes, Konavosko potkolo (dances) and great local food.

Dubrovnik romantic secrets blue waters of the Adriatic Sea with waves, rocks and a blue sky

Cilipi offers a glimpse of days gone by with pretty landscapes, traditional culture, and fun folk dances on Sundays.

Dubrovnik romantic secrets - Konavle
Also known as "The Golden Valley" of Dubrovnik, this region has thirty villages reaching both sides of the Adriatic coast road south of Dubrovnik and Cavtat. It stretches to Debeli Brijeg - which separates Dubrovnik Riviera from Montenegrin littoral.

Couples who love the water will love it here. Water is everywhere! Enjoy soothing sounds of cascading waterfalls, man-made watermills and streams making small canals throughout Konavle (the canals gave the valley its name).

Konavle region is about 15-20 minutes from Old Town and is reachable by bus or car. There aren't any hotels here, but because of its beauty, it's a popular tourist area. The most important places in this region are Cilipi, Popovici, Ljuta, Gruda and Molunat.

Enjoy your couple time spent together exploring romantic things to do in Croatia. May your love grow stronger each day you are together.

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